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About Us

Ask Us 24/7 is a virtual chat service that connects people with reference librarians. Ask Us 24/7 is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will not necessarily be chatting with a librarian in your community or even at your library, but you will be chatting with a reference librarian. The librarian who answers your call will be able to help you with questions about your library and will help you find answers to other questions you may have by using a range of Internet sources and specialized databases. If you need assistance specifically from your home library, your question will be referred and a librarian from your home library will get back to you via email.

Ask Us 24/7 is a joint service of the Empire State Library Network.


Is your library interested in joining? Contact your library council, or contact Caitlin Kenney, Engagement and Education Services Coordinator for the Western New York Library Resources Council, for more information.

Members of the media, visit our Media Page for more information about our service.

Last updated April 2018