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All standard logos in one zip file (2.8mb) - includes JPEG, TIFF, and EPS in various colors and sizes, with and without tagline. The EPS files have a resolution of 300 ppi, suitable for printing.

View and download standard JPEG logos individually - all ready to use for your library's website.

End of semester graphics (142mb). Zip file containing finished JPEG files, editable PSD (PhotoShop) files, and a font to match the logo.

Cat meme graphics (344mb). Zip file containing plain cat images, images with the meme phrases, and flyers with space for library URL. Includes JPGs, PDFs and editable PSD (PhotoShop) files. Use "Impact" font to recreate the meme look.



Posters & Flyers

Our poster is sized 24 inches by 36 inches and you can see an image here. We also have an 8 1/2 by 11 flyer available in the same design. There is a space at the bottom for your library's website address, which is added by using a clear label placed over the poster/flyer.

Contact the Ask Us 24/7 project manager to request your posters or flyers. Be sure to include the website address that you would like listed.

Editable versions of the posters for online use or your own printing. (295mb)

Cat meme flyers based on the graphics in the "images" box on this page are also available.

How-to Video

A short promotional video created with My Simple Show is available at YouTube or you can download the mp4.

For a video customized for your library, you can create one at or contact the Ask Us 24/7 project managerr


Vinyl banners with the Ask Us 24/7 name, logo, tagline and website address are available to borrow. They measure 2 feet high by 6 feet wide, and are suitable for both indoor & outdoor use (they can even get wet). They have a grommet in each corner so that they can be hung/displayed according to your needs. See an image here.

You can borrow a banner from your library council. Currently the following library councils have a banner that they can loan to their member libraries:

If your council does not currently have a banner, they can purchase one by contacting the Ask Us 24/7 project manager.

Additional Products

Each library gets bookmarks and pencils when they join Ask Us 24/7, and you can receive additional ones from your library council, or by contacting the Ask Us 24/7 project manager

The bookmarks have a blank space on the back where you can stamp your library's website URL, or use a sticker or label.

News / Advertisements / Press Releases

Customizeable Press Release - the Ask Us 24/7 project manager sends this to local media when new libraries join the service, but feel free to use it yourself, customizing the contact information, letterhead, etc. where needed.

Public Service Announcements - scripts for PSAs in 30, 20, 15 or 10 seconds.

Print Ads (189kb) - zip file containing a variety of print ads, both with and without the general Ask Us 24/7 website address.

Story Angles / Talking Points


Ask Us 24/7 has a Facebook page. Individuals with a Facebook profile can sign up as "fans" of the service, and libraries with a Facebook page can list ours as a "favorite."


We have a CafePress store where libraries and individuals can purchase t-shirts, buttons, and other items with the Ask Us 24/7 logo and website address. (Contact the Ask Us 24/7 project manager if you would like to order an item without the website address or with your own library's address.)

Custom Screen Capture Video

Contact the Ask Us 24/7 project manager to get a custom video that shows the patron entering through your own library's website. (See a generic example video here.) The video can be put on a website or Facebook page, or you could even play it on a projector in your library for patrons to see as they walk by. In your request, include the following information:


Patron Quotes - 2016

Patron Quotes - 2015

Patron Quotes - 2014

Patron Quotes - 2013

Patron Quotes - 2012

Patron Quotes - 2011

Patron Quotes - 2010

Patron Quotes - 2009

Taken from both the survey responses and chat transcripts. These can be placed on a library's website, Facebook page, or any other publicity.

Statistics - Last updated January 2015

Tips & Tricks

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