The Western New York Library Resources Council Presents...

Revved Up for Reference 2:
The Road Ahead

April 12-13, 2012
Ithaca, NY


Susan McGlamery is the Project Director for 24/7 Reference and the Global Product Manager of Cooperative Services for OCLC. Prior experience as the Coordinator of Reference Services for the Metropolitan Cooperative Library System (MCLS) in Los Angeles led her to create the 24/7 Reference project. Susan received her MLS from St. John’s University in 1987 and her JD from the Emory University School of Law in 1984. Susan taught at the UCLA graduate school of Library and Information Science (now the Department of Information Science) from 1994 to 2000. She was also an instructor with the InfoPeople project, a statewide Internet instruction course for librarians, funded by the California State Library.

"QP Software Update and 24/7 Cooperative Update."
Susan will present an update on what is new with the QuestionPoint software. Her update on the cooperative will include: Quality comments and the Top 10 Quality issues; examine a few sessions in depth and discuss what went right/what went wrong; discuss link placement, featuring QuestionPoint's guidance/documentation for best practices.

Jaclyn McKewan is the Virtual Services & Training Librarian at the Western New York Library Resources Council. In addition to assisting with WNYLRC's training programs, she serves as the project manager for Ask Us 24/7, New York State's only cooperative, multi-type library virtual reference service.

"Ask Us 24/7 Participants Discussion."
Jaclyn will lead a discussion among attendees regarding strategies for marketing, sharing tips & tricks for quality chats, and addressing any concerns among Ask Us 24/7 participants.


Marie L. Radford, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Library and Information Science at the Rutgers University School of Communication & Information. Previously, she was Acting Dean of Pratt Institute's School of Information and Library Science and a Department Head of the Cheng Library at The William Paterson University of NJ. Her Ph.D. is from Rutgers and her MSIS is from Syracuse Univiversity. She is Co-Principal Investigator of the “Seeking Synchronicity” and “Cyber Synergy” projects funded by IMLS, Rutgers, and OCLC.  Her recent research report Seeking Synchronicity: Revelations and Recommendations for Virtual Reference (Connaway & Radford, 2011), is available at: . Marie’s dynamic presentation style is well-known and she has given numerous workshops on topics that include: time management, customer service excellence, conflict management, and positive approaches to problematic people. She gives frequent keynote speeches and scholarly papers at national library and communication conferences and publishes widely in library journals. Her latest books are published with Neal-Schuman and include: Leading the Reference Renaissance (2012),  Reference Renaissance: Current and Future Trends, co-edited with R.D. Lankes, (2010) and Conducting the Reference Interview, (2009) co-authored with C. S. Ross and K. Nilsen. She received the 2010 ALA/RUSA Mudge Award for distinguished contributions to reference service.

"Relationships: Research Revelations & Recommendation for the Future."
A leading researcher in virtual reference will reveal her thoughts and findings on the past, present, and future of VR. She will take a quick look back on important results from "Seeking Synchronicity” (2005-2008). Building on this investigation, she will reveal findings from a new project, “Cyber Synergy: Seeking Sustainability through Collaboration between Virtual Reference and Social Q&A Sites” (2011-2013). What do revelations from these large and longitudinal funded research programs tell us that highlight best practices and heighten our understanding of chat reference users? Research-based recommendations with key implications for service excellence, sustainability and growth of consortial VR, marketing, and system development will be explored. This engaging and provocative presentation will end with a look ahead at what the future holds for VR. It will reaffirm the possibilities of outstanding and personalized service, in the face of evolving demands from our users in this time of rapid technological change.

Note: “Seeking Synchronicity: Evaluating Virtual Reference Services from User, Non-User, and Librarian Perspectives" (Radford & Connaway, 2005-2008) and “Cyber Synergy: Seeking Sustainability through Collaboration between Virtual Reference and Social Q&A Sites” (Radford, Connaway, & Shah, 2011-2013) were both funded by IMLS, Rutgers University, and OCLC, Inc.

April Younglove ( is a Librarian at the Rochester Regional Library Council. She helps administrate the Council’s CLIC-on-Health website (, its Historical Newspapers website ( and oversees regional digitization work for the New York Heritage website ( She is also responsible for creating, editing, and posting video content for RRLC’s Library of the Year awards.

"Screencasting With Virtual Reference."
Have you ever tried to explain to another person how to navigate a website over the phone before? Unless you already have a pre-made tutorial on hand to email to the person, it can be a truly frustrating experience. What if you could just skip complicated explanations and canned tutorials and quickly and easily show the other person what you are looking at on your computer screen at that moment? Sound far fetched? Over the last several years a host of new screencasting and remote desktop applications have popped up, and some are even free! Come explore different options for screen sharing and investigate ways to transform your reference interactions from frustrating into fantastic.

Julie Strange (MLIS) is Statewide Coordinator for Maryland AskUsNow! and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland iSchool. Julie blogs at where she discusses her "low tolerance for bad customer service," ways in which technology can help improve the conversation between organizations and their customers, and reflections on everything from personal branding to why the British have better grocery stores. Email or tweet @strnglibrarian.
Jan Dawson (MLIS) is Project Manager for Ask Ontario and has been with the service since 2008. Her interests lie in VR, emerging technologies, digital services, and online community management. Email or tweet @nunanishi.

"Yar! Thar Be Sharks About!: Understanding the Role of Libraries in Online Discourse, Civility and Anonymity."
Inappropriate Behaviour is an unavoidable challenge in the online medium. The nature of the online realm allows people to be more informal and anonymous than they would or could be in in-person arenas. This allows people to discuss and share more intimate details or ask more personal questions (which may normally have gone unanswered) but it also allows for people to be more rude and uncivil towards each other. The mainstream has just started to look at the causes, effects and treatments for this but virtual reference has been dealing with it for quite some time. This program will facilitate discussion around how we engage customers avoid or turn around bad conversations, build good relationships, and spread the word. We'll also discuss online conversations in various mediums, civility online and how the libraries play a role. As our libraries focus more on what technologies can do to help us innovate, collaborate, and facilitate excellent customer services, we need to make sure we don’t lose focus on our customers - our reasons for being - and the secondary effects of all this technology.

Sarah Maximiek is an Associate Librarian at Binghamton University where she has worked since 2001.  She is the Subject Librarian for Political Science and Public Administration, and services as the chair of the Digital Reference Committee, which coordinates and makes recommendations regarding services ices such as email, texting and chat to the Reference Team.   Sarah has a MLS from University at Albany and a Masters in Public Administration from Binghamton University.

"Google Voice and Reference."
Sarah will present how to set up and use Google Voice for a text reference service and its pros and cons; and how it relates to other virtual reference services such as email, chat and skype.

Panel Participants:

Susan McGlamery, OCLC
Julie Strange, Maryland AskUsNow
Zelantha Phillip, Queens Library

Building on Marie Radford's keynote speech, our panel will discuss the future of reference services in general and virtual reference in particular, taking questions from the other attendees. Points of discussion can include: new models for providing in-person reference services, trends with particular forms of VR technology, changing patron expectations, and predictions for future directions of libraries.

Ms. Phillip has been a public librarian with Queens Library for the past 15 years.  She has been the team leader and an active participant on many Queens Library work teams. As the Division Manager of the Information Services Division, one of Ms. Phillip’s primary responsibilities is to set the vision for the Division and implement the strategic initiatives of the Library. As the co-Administrator of Queens Library’s virtual reference service, Ms. Phillip coordinates best practice trainings for the Librarians’ at the Central Library on email, text and chat reference services. Ms. Phillip received an MLS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MPA from Baruch College (NY). Two of her favourite recommended reads are The Little Pink House: a true story of defiance and courage by Jeff Benedict, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and one book she cannot wait to read is Boundaries by Elizabeth Nunez.