Ask Us 24/7

Ask Us 24/7 Tutorial

Lesson 2

Background Readings: Ask Us 24/7 Mission Statements & Policies

Please read the following documents to help you familiarize yourself with the mission statement and policies for the regional and national service. You will be quizzed on them in an upcoming lesson.

  1. Read the 24/7 Reference Collaborative Policies and Procedures - Sections 1-3: Mission, Governance, and Scope of Service
  2. In the Ask Us 24/7 Training Manual, read the Ask Us 24/7 Policies and Procedures (near the end of the manual) Section 1: Notification & Staffing and Section 4: Responsibilities of participating libraries
  3. Review the information on the Policies/Board page of the Ask Us 24/7 site.

As a new member of Ask Us 24/7, which is a member of the larger QuestionPoint 24/7 Reference Service, it is your responsibility to adhere to the policies put forth by the service. By adhering to the policies and the mission statement, we ensure that our patrons are receiving quality services which will ultimately help to promote the longterm success and improvement of our service.

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