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Ask Us 24/7 Tutorial

Lesson 5

Understanding Scripts & Using Scripts in Chat

Scripted Messages:
Scripted messages are designed to make communication easier during chat. Librarians can create personalized scripts for the messages they use most frequently. Scripts also help to promote consistency across the regional and national services. There are several types of scripts available for use with the QuestionPoint software:

When chatting with a patron, you will see these three types of scripts in the "My Library" box. Another box, called "Patron Library" lists the Institution Scripts and Shared Scripts created by that patron's library or regional service.

Watch This: Scripts and Pushing Pages

Please watch the six-minute Question Point tutorial, Using scripted messages and pushing web pages to patrons. This tutorial will help you understand how and why you would use scripts during chat.

Background Readings

Read the following to learn more about scripts:
In the Ask Us 24/7 Training Manual, read About Scripts (check the table of contents for the page number).


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