Lesson 6

Scripts Used to End a Session

Closing a session can often be tricky. There can be an uncomfortable pause once you've sent a response to a question, where your patron may be reviewing your resource, or they may have already disconnected without ending the session, which may not register right away on your side. After a pause that you are comfortable with, it is always good to ask if the answer you sent is helpful, or if there is any more help you can provide so that you can get a response from the patron. You will have to gauge a comfortable pause based on the delay you are experiencing on the chat for that day, how long it might take to review the resource you sent, and how much time has passed since your patron's last response. If you are sure you are ready to end the session, and the patron is still connected, here are a few best practices we recommend to end your session.

Before clicking the "End Session" button, it's always a good idea to leave with a few parting scripts. The following are some suggestions:

  1. Ask the patron if you have completely answered the question.
  2. Give an opportunity for the patron to ask additional questions.
  3. Use an appropriate goodbye script, thanking the patron for using the service. Remember that you may not always be dealing with patrons from your own institution or regional service, so it is always good to check if there is a global or library goodbye script that you can use. Remember, only use the Ask Us 24/7 closing script if the patron was from a library in the Ask Us 24/7 group.

Once you are done with your goodbye scripts, then go ahead and click on the "End Session" button to get to the next step.

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