Ask Us 24/7

Ask Us 24/7 Tutorial

Lesson 3 Quiz

1. A script should be used both to greet the patron and end the session.


2. According to the Radford article, Ronan (2003) notes "one of the biggest challenges in providing reference services in real-time is":

a) learning to communicate effectively with remote users and to translate the interpersonal skills used at the physical reference desk into the virtual environment.
b) transferring effective reference behaviors from the traditional desk environment to the IM service.
c) CMC dialogue transmits less of the natural richness and interaction of interpersonal communication than face-to-face interaction.

3. If a patron asks for general information about Golden Retrievers, a good way to provide them with theinformation would be:

a) Find a relevant website, copy several paragraphs, and paste the text into the chat window.
b) Find a relevant website and send the URL to the patron, so that it shows up in their browser.
c) Both

4. According to Getting Chatty, thirty seconds of dead air is a long time for the patron. Try to establish a rhythm of sending a message every 30 to 45 seconds or less, using the word “more” to lead the patron to the next message.


5. You would NOT be following the Ask Us 24/7 mission statement or procedures if:

a) After checking to see if you successfully answered your patron's question, you invited that patron to use the service again in the future.
b) After determining that you couldn't answer the patron's question yourself, and determining that he needs followup from his local library, you made sure that he had the contact information by retrieving it from his local library's policy page before closing the session.
c) After greeting the patron and taking his question, you asked him if he was a high school or college student because you needed more clarification on the question. He responded he was a high school student and because you're were monitoring the academic queue, you said that you couldn't help him and that he should ask for help from his public or school librarian.

6. The Ask Us 24/7 Policy on Keeping a Patron in the Session says to rely on the new QuestionPoint feature of the patron being able to see when you're typing him a message and vise versa, instead of having to worry about constantly informing him of your progress in answering the question.