Ask Us 24/7

Ask Us 24/7 Tutorial

Lesson 9 Quiz

1. You should assume that the resources you send to the patron are useful unless the patron tells you otherwise.


2. When first beginning to chat with a patron, I should:

a) Identify myself by first name
b) Identify myself by my library
c) Offer a friendly and welcoming greeting
d) All of the above

3. No more than five minutes should elapse between your communications with the patron.


4. If I am chatting with a patron who may benefit from searching databases, I should:

a) Consult the patron's library policy page for databases available to the patron.
b) Search a database available at my library and email articles to the patron.
c) Search a database available at my library and copy and paste articles into the chat session.

5. When closing a chat session, I should look for goodbye scripts provided by the patron's library before using a generic closing script.


6. Your library has specific resources that can help answer a patron's question, but the patron indicates he has to leave the chat session before you can provide the information.  What Resolution Code would you select?

a) Answered
b) Follow Up by Patron Library
c) Follow Up by Me
d) Any of the above